INT244 Week2 Assignment-Investigating Judaism Solved




For this assignment, you will research and investigate Judaism. You will choose one of the Jewish traditions: Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform. Create an infographic (or another type of visual representation) that provides specific information of the faith tradition you have selected.

Review the websites about infographics in the topic study materials, then create an infographic (or another type of visual representation) of your findings. You may also utilize Microsoft Word or another application to create a visual representation.

Your submission should include the elements listed below. Utilize the topic study materials as a resource for these prompts. Be sure to include specific examples in points 1-5:

  1. What are the primary beliefs of the Jewish community you have chosen?
  2. What are some misunderstandings that Jews have about Christians?
  3. What are some misunderstandings Christians have about Jews?
  4. How can a study of Judaism help to overcome those misunderstandings?
  5. List the resources used.

As a research option, interview a practicing Jewish individual or a rabbi, which can be used as an academic resource. If you would like to take pictures during your visit to this community or place of worship, be sure to obtain permission.