Supporting parents- Flyer




One-page Handout/ flyer

You will create a one-page handout that can be in the form of a newsletter, brochure or informational sheet to communicate with parents about child development in one of the following age groups: toddlers, preschool or school-age

– In the Handout

  1. Choose the age group to focus on. infants, toddlers, preschoolers or
  2. Inform parents of the development and milestones typical to your chosen age group in each of the PILES (physical, Intellectual. language, emotional and social) domains
  3. Explain behaviors (both positive and challenging) that may occur and how parents/families may be affected by these behaviors.
  4. Give several specific suggestions for parents to use in dealing with these behaviors
  5. Include the name and address of one (1) web resource parents can go to for more Information about child development of children in the specific age group selected
  6. Use professional, eye catching graphics, photos or color to bring attention to your handout
  7. Remember you are providing a professional communication for parents on an Important parenting topic. Your language and tone should be positive and encouraging reflecting every day. Use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation