Is privileged communication a legal or ethical right refers to the ideas and creative materials that individuals develop to solve problems, to carry out applications, and to educate or entertain others.The dual attitude system refers to the ability of people to within the context of business ethics in an organization which of the folowing is not a significant otherInvolves subordinates simply following the directives of a superior without question. It demonstrates the influence that significant others can exert in the workplace. (This works well in the military.) Following th ethical directives of a superior relates to obedience to authority.Which of the following examples best illustrate an ethics issue based on cross-cultural contradictionsWhich of the following is a measure taken by governments to curtail MNC practices that create ethical issues?What the difference between transactional and transformational leadership?Which environmental issue might fit easily within standard ethical theory and can easily be integrated into the standard model of business’ ethical responsibilities?The tendency of the rate earned on stockholders’ equity to vary from the rate earned on total assets because the amount earned on assets acquired through the use of funds provided by creditors varies from the interest paid to these creditors.Which of the following ratios provides a solvency measure that shows the margin of safety of noteholders or bondholders and also gives an indication of the potential ability of the business to borrow additional funds on a long-term basis? which of the following is not included in the computation of the quick ratioprofitability refers to the ability of the business toThe going concern concept refers to a presumption that:a credit entry to an account willDeferred tax assetsThe current assets of most companies are usually made up of:Which of the following should not be included as part of cash on the balance sheet?At the end of the year, retained earnings totaled $1,700. During the year, net income was $250, and dividends of $120 were declared and paid. Retained earnings at the beginning of the year totaled:Which one of the following sets of ratios applies most directly to shareholders?a firm changes from lifo to fifo this change will be found in theThe financial ratio measured as the price per share of stock divided by earnings per share is known as theA speedup in __________ should __________ a firm’s financing needs; whereas, a slowdown in __________ should __________ financing needs for a firm. (Hint: Systematically go through each alternative a-e individually (sequentially) & decide if it is correct, then select the correct response. Also, note that everything is from the firm’s perspective; thus collections are received by the firm and payments are paid by the firm.))earnings per share is calculated byHow can we compare projects in the case where they have different life-spans?The focal point of financial management in a firm is:which one of the following would be counted as part of incremental cash flowThe newly issued bonds of the Wynslow Corp. offer a 6% coupon with semiannual interest payments. The bonds are currently priced at par value. The effective annual rate provided by these bonds must be:A long-term financial plan begins with which one of the following would not be considered a state of nature for a business firma sample in which sampling units are chosen from the population by means of a randomin a hearing test subjects estimate the loudness (in decibels) of sound and the results areIn the simple linear regression model, the slope represents thewhich one of the following graphs is suitable for qualitative dataAn unbiased estimator is a Type II error is defined as:If a hypothesis is rejected at the 0.025 level of significance, it:a correlation coefficient enables you toWhich of the following facts does a person ignore when they reason with the gambler’s fallacy?a person who shares in the profits of the business but not in its ________ is not a partnerThe rules that regulate and govern the internal operations of a corporation are known as:———— is the process by which a corporation is formedexports are controlled by means of exportThe legal rules made by judges when they decide a case where no constitution, statute, or regulation exists to resolve the dispute. Also known as case law.If incorporators cannot show substantial compliance with statutes regarding incorporation but can show that they were unaware of any defect and acted in good faith, a court may treat the entity as a(n) _____.For a public figure to sue for defamation, he/she must prove:

A contract dispute which is heard by a court without reference to a prior arbitration is known as a(n) ______ review.Which body exercises the control of a registered companyInvestment spending in the United States tends to be unstable because:is an average of fixed-weight and variable-weight indexesLook at the following data: consumption = $915 billion; exports = $40 billion; imports = $33 billion; investment = $623 billion; government purchases = $300 billion. GDP is equal to

In the definition of GDP, the words “total market value” refer to totalunexpected changes in the demand for goods & servicesWhich of the following generalizations is not correct?price elasticity of supply isSuppose that as the price of Y falls from $2.00 to $1.90 the quantity of Y demanded increases from 110 to 118. Then the price elasticity of demand is:

If the demand curve for a good shifts leftward,Suppose the price of a product rises and the total revenue of sellers increases It is generally agreed that the role of strategy is toThe best measure of a company’s ability to meet imminent financial obligations is known as thecentralized management and:The modern corporation has four characteristics. These are limited liability, legal personality,Which of the following is not a necessity for leveraging the skills of global subsidiaries?_________ are about organizations seeking gaps in broad market segments or finding gaps in competitors’ product ranges.which of the following factors increases pressures for cost reductionsemotional intelligence as proposed by daniel goleman is manifest in self-awareness…. And Which of the following is an example of an internal control mechanism used to ensure that management acts in shareholder interests?The experience curve conceptWhich of the following is a tactical step for getting down the experience curve ahead of competitors?_____ competition is when the manufacturer competes with its partners.
A broadly defined, enduring statement of purpose that distinguishes a business from others of its type is referred to as which of the following?is defined as an exchange between a firm and its customers.differences in-and preferences require that different productsare important because they help us make predictions regarding future purchasing