SOLVED:Sociological Perspectives




Marketing for Research Subjects


  • Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.

Your facility was just awarded a grant where it is stipulated that low income and medically underserved members of the population must be included in the program. What could be done to encourage this population to use the clinic for the purposes stipulated in the grant? Response Guidelines Respond to at least two other learners. Your responses to other learners are expected to be substantive in nature and reference the assigned readings, as well as other theoretical, empirical, or professional literature to support your views and writings. If possible, use the following guidelines to create your responses. If there are no posts that would work for each guideline, you may use the same guideline for both responses.

  • How did their post influence your thinking?
  • What suggestions can you make to strengthen their post?
  • Direct a response toward someone who selected at least one standard that was the same as your own.
  • Compare and contrast your posts. What suggestions can you make to strengthen their post?
  • How did their post aid in your understanding of the subject?
  • 350 words