SOLVED:Results and Conclusion of the Research Process to Problems in Health Care




This paper seeks to apply the results and conclusion of the research process to problems in the health care. The problem that I will elude my facts from is that I looked at in the previous assignment. The problem dealt with obesity among the children. I will highlight the data collection procedures, and other approaches that are suitable for the study in question. I will also elaborate on the tools that are used to collect data, which will support the validity and reliability of this study. In addition the procedures for data analysis will be elaborated, nevertheless, methods appropriate in answering the questions in research, the hypothesis of the study testing, and the major differences between the quantitative and qualitative data that I will highlight. To finalize on the topic, I will conclude with the summary of my findings, the scientific merit SWOT analysis, the key drawbacks of the same issue, and identifying the reinforcing factors for the study hypotheses. Results