SOLVED:Religious essay




Religious essay



Write a 500 word essay. When writing your essay, address the following: What is this passage about (give a brief summary, but your essay needs to be more than just a summary)?  Briefly discuss two or three themes of your passage.  For help in identifying themes, take a look at your textbook, which discusses various themes such as covenant, election, sin, redemption, creation, etc.  Cite verses from your passage to illustrate these themes.  Note: You should cite verses parenthetically and you do not have to include the Bible in your list of sources.  So, for example, you should place a parenthetical citation like this if you reference Eve eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 3:6).


You are allowed to use the textbook and you must use at least one or two Bible commentaries or religion-centered websites as well.  At the end of your essay you should briefly list the sources that you used, i.e. Arnold and Beyer, Encountering the Old Testament, . The book in red is the book being used.


You MAY NOT use Wikipedia.  This is typical of any college class.  You may make use of any hard-copy academic books or Bible/religion-based websites such as