SOLVED:Physical Ability Test




This test consists of a list of tasks developed to assess important physical abilities necessary for effective job performance as a firefighter. The tests are a reflection of what fire fighter goes through every day in life. The tasks represent basic skills so you don’t need previous experience as a fire fighter or any type of trainingThe PAT is a timed test. Any candidate that completes the course in 6 minutes and 22 seconds (6:22) or less will pass this stage of the selection process. There is no advantage in seeking to complete the test in a time significantly lower than the allotted time.  ·         Applicants must wear a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), excluding the face piece and low-pressure hose, for all components of the PAT. The SCBA bottle will be full. The SCBA weighs approximately 25 pounds.   ·         Applicants are strongly encouraged to wear athletic shoes (sneakers) and appropriate clothing for physically demanding work (long pants). You will be performing physical acts that demonstrate strength, agility, and endurance, and it is important to be outfitted in attire that does not hinder your performance. During the PAT, you may get dirty from crawling or maneuvering through the exercises and/or wet. Plan your dress accordingly.   ·         A safety helmet will be provided at the test site for your use. Protective gloves are optional and it is the candidate’s choice whether or not to use gloves. You may bring your own gloves, kneepads, etc. to use; however, the testing authority reserves the right to inspect all equipment, and to disallow equipment, to ensure that its use does not affect the fair and impartial administration of the PAT.   Forcible Entry Test: Description: You will use a fifteen-pound sledge hammer to strike a ‘sled target’ located three feet off the ground. This activity simulates forcible entry scenarios on the fire ground such as penetrating a locked door. You will strike the target the number of times necessary to move the sled a distance of 9 inches. You must remain on the designated platform at all times while completing this station. Preparation: This station assesses upper body strength and coordination. You may prepare for this event by striking a solid object with a 15 pound sledge hammer a number of times.