The PEST scan can be used by vendors (sellers) in an industry to identify current and emerging factors which drive customer demands and requirements for technologies, products, and services. Once the relevant market factors are identified, vendors can use this information to develop their strategies for meeting current and future demands for products and services.

In this debate, you will choose one PEST factor and argue as to why this is the most important source of customer requirements for IT security solutions (products or services). Present your argument in a 3 to 5 paragraph position paper. Your audience is a group of technical and non technical managers who are attending a monthly meeting to learn more about the cybersecurity / IT Security Industry.

The PEST factors are:

  • Political-Legal factors (e.g. laws & regulations, cybercrime, cyber terrorism)
  • Economic factors (e.g. availability of trained workforce, discretionary income or profitability of purchasers, availability of venture capital or credit for business startups)
  • Socio-cultural factors (privacy concerns, pervasiveness of computers and digital devices, digital divide, “hacker” culture)
  • Technological factors (product lifecycles, cloud computing, Internet of Things, etc.)

Post your position statement as a reply to this topic. Provide in-text citations and references for 3 or more authoritative sources. Put the reference list at the end of your posting.