SOLVED:“Nike: From Sweat Shop to Leadership in Employment Practices”






“Nike: From Sweat Shop to Leadership in Employment Practices” Abstract Nike one of the biggest clothing industry with focus on several clothing products including shoes, and sports clothing. As a result of its introduction into the international market, the company faced a lot of challenges in regard to ethical standards. This is something that caused so many lawsuits that resulted to the company spending a lot of money defending itself. The company also was affected when it came to its effect on the brand of the company. This paper highlights these issues and how the company would have avoided the same. Discern how a more effective ethics programs and a more viable code of conduct could have mitigated the ethical issues faced by Nike. It was important for Nike to come up with viable code of conduct and ethical plans so as to mitigate the ethical issues that it faced. One of the things that it would have done was to make sure that the employees underwent some kind of training so as to know what is expected of them while at work. This would ensure that all workers understood everything in regard to the company and that they did not violate what the rules in anyway. The benefit of this would be that the company would have avoided the many legal issues hence saving money as a result. It is also important to indicate that the management should also be in a position to adhere to all the rules, and advocate for responsibility (Trevino and Nelson, 2007). The management is the custodian of the rules and regulation and it is not a good show when the same authority is not paying attention to the rules that have been set. At all times, the organization should move as one, and this is what will indicate to the stakeholders that indeed, there is corporate culture. The management would also have known several issues in respect to human rights, and might have avoided the cases reported in the 1990s in respect to labor violations among other human rights violations. It would also