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Case #1: UPS

You are to read the UPS case on pages 23 and 24 in the textbook “Management Information Systems – Managing the Digital Firm”. There are three questions in this case stated below, which you are to address after doing further research. This is a research-based assignment. So you should do research on the Internet on UPS, its businesses and the technologies it is using, the logistics industry and how it is changing, and other relevant information pertaining to the questions below such as consultant reports and the viewpoints of industry thought leaders.

In addition to turning in the written assignment in Microsoft Word format by dropping it in the appropriate drop box on Blackboard, we will also have a discussion in class about this case.  I will call upon various groups to provide their perspectives on these questions.

  1. What are the key information technologies (IT) being used by UPS in the conduct of its business?
  2. How are these technologies helping UPS achieve its business goals and strategies now and into the future? You must develop the QFD (Quality Function Deployment) matrix in this question.
  3. a) Briefly describe how the capabilities of UPS’s DIAD device have evolved over the years.
  4. b) Can you think of any feature that is not there in the current generation of the DIAD that could be useful to put in a future generation of the DIAD?

UPS case

The paper should be written in 12 point font with 1.5 spacing. It should have the following sections:

  1. Technologies in Use

This can be a bulletized list of their key IT with a paragraph for each bullet that explains that particular technology

  1. Leveraging IT for Business

This section should contain the QFD matrix which is a map of technologies to business goals.

After drawing the QFD matrix, you should explain your reasoning behind how you thought about which technologies serve which business goals.

III. Evolution of the DIAD

This describes the evolution of the DIAD from DIAD I to the current DIAD V

  1. What’s Next?

This section should describe your thoughts on where do we go from here as far as the DIAD is concerned. As you think about the evolution of the DIAD and as you think about UPS’s current business needs and future direction, what would you want to see in DIAD VI?

Your write-up should be at least 2 pages plus a page of references. You should cite at least 3 references.