SOLVED:BUS 591 Week 6 Final




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The attachment is the final project that is in excel format and includes all the graded items. Journal entries, general ledger, trial balance, adjusted TB, financial statement, closing entries, post closing TB, horizontal and vertical analysis, financial ratios.

The work has been graded 100% accurate. in case of any clarifications kindly reach out to me i am available 24 hours. You should begin working on elements of the Final Project in Week One. Each week, there is a recommended learning activity associated with helping you complete the Final Project. There are ungraded and graded practice exercises, which will allow you to practice applying accounting skills learned in class to different scenarios. Work through the problems, starting with Chapter 1, following the instructions in the textbook and Excel template.

Download and open the Excel file marked “BUS 591 Final Project Template”. Review the instructions presented on the Instructions Tab in the Workbook and the weekly recommended learning activity. If you complete each part as recommended, you will have the complete Final Project finished by Week Six. Chapters 1, 2 and 3 are ungraded practice problems, while Chapters 4 and 13 are graded problems. Take your time and complete all requirements. Also, if you complete the practice problems from Chapter 3, completing the graded portion from Chapter 4 will be much easier.

Do not work ahead unless you read the corresponding chapters. For example, read Chapters 3 and 4 before completing the Continuing Cookie Chronicle problem from those chapters. Keep in mind that you should be eating healthy while in college. The term “freshman 15” exists for a reason. Follow a healthy, well-rounded diet plan. Try not to eat too many on the go foods like pizza or fast food. The foods may be low in cost initially, but these costs add up, and so do the pounds they create.