SOLVED:Big Five personality traits in our everyday lives




Unit 4 Discussion 2: The Big Five Traits

We can see the Big Five personality traits in our everyday lives, and they manifest themselves in the behaviors and decisions of the people we encounter. Your personality traits can even influence the type of music you like or your taste in clothing.

Part 1: Choose two movie or television characters and include the following information about each in your post:

  • Identify which side of the spectrum they fall in each of the Big Five traits.
  • Give examples of their actions, habits, and tastes that are examples of these traits.
  • Be sure to clearly identify the characters and the movie or show in which they appear.
  • If the characters’ traits are influenced by their culture or environment, note that as well.

Part 2: Complete one of the personality assessments found here:

Discuss the following:

  • Do you agree or disagree with the results?
  • What was the result that most surprised you? If there is a trait you disagree with, discuss why.
  • How might these results be useful to you in your interactions with others?