SOLVED: Part 1 – Custom Built Computer Worksheet


You have been tasked with building a custom desktop PC that will be used by Research and Development (R&D) programmers. They will use it to develop complex animations. The system will need to have a processor and other computers that will support resource-intensive multimedia development applications. This system should be comparable to a high-end gaming computer.

Use the Custom Built Computer Worksheet to identify the components that will be needed to build this system. The system components should be compatible with one another and should meet the needs of the R&D team. Complete the Custom Built Computer Worksheet.



Now that you’ve seen what some preassembled computers cost, research the components needed to build a high-end development system for the Research and Development Team. Visit a computer parts supplier (such as on the Internet and provide the complete specifications, prices, and URL to the specific part for the components shown below. Then add up the prices to find the total cost of your custom-built computer.


Be aware of the following when completing the table below:

  • The component information/specs should include all of the specifications needed for the component.
  • The URL should go to the part on the vendor site and not to the high level site domain.
  • The component price should be in US dollars.


Custom-Built Computer Chart

Computer Component


Component Information/Specs URL Component   Price









Operating System






Power Supply






Hard Drive






Video/Graphics Card







(This should include any additional components that would be needed for this system and can include the keyboard, mouse, and any other components needed. Add a row to the table for each additional component.)






Total Price:    







Part 2 – Power Supply


Determining Wattage


Using the notes from your group discussions, determine how much power you would need to run your dream computer. In the chart below, list the make and model of your computer’s components and research online to determine how much wattage is required to run them.


Custom Built Computer Components and Wattage

Component Make and Model Wattage Required
Video/Graphics Card    
Hard Drive    
Total wattage required  



Power Supply Search


Now that you know the amount of wattage you need to run your dream computer, you can look for a power supply. Search the Internet for two different power supplies that would work with your computer and fill in the chart below. Then, make a decision on which power supply you would purchase and explain why.


Custom Built Computer Power Supply


            Power Supply #1         Power Supply #2
Make and Model




Maximum Power










Power Supply Website





Power Supply Decision

Which power supply you would purchase? Why?  Write your answer in the box below.






Business Justification


Write a 175- to 300-word memorandum (memo) to the Research and Development department manager that provides a justification for the components you selected for the system. In the memo, include any assumptions you made when selecting a component and/or a vendor.  Create your memo in the box below.