SOLVED: Global Issues and Globalization




Unit 5 – Individual Project

Type: Individual Project

Unit:  Global Issues and Globalization

Deliverable Length:  12�15 slides, including title and references slides




Assignment Objectives


Define the following ethical concepts and theories: virtue ethics, Kant�s Categorical Imperative, ethical relativism, utilitarianism, corporate social responsibility, and social contract theory.


Identify and defend moral and ethical theories to ethical case studies and current events.


Solve ethical dilemmas from case studies and current events using moral and ethical theories.


Recognize the business owner or business executive�s point-of-view for taking certain unethical or ethical actions from case studies and current events.


Identify ethical quandaries regarding government involvement and laws impacting organizations� day-to-day operations and business decisions.





Assignment Details


Assignment Description



Select 1 of the organizations that you have reviewed or already discussed in one of your Individual Projects. Identify a gap or gaps in the organization�s corporate social responsibility plan. Create a presentation that will help the organization close the gap or gaps that exist in terms of social responsibility. Be sure to address the following in your presentation:


* – Identify any ethical issues and legal issues.

* – Identify how the issues violate utilitarianism, social contract theory, or Kant�s categorical imperative principles.

* – Identify the stakeholders affected by the gap or gaps.

* – Propose an action plan to help bridge the gap or gaps and improve the company’s relationship with its stakeholders.

* – Discuss the checks and balances that are required and why.

* – Explain how your action plan will benefit the organization overall and why it is necessary.

* – Propose Next Steps.

* – Wrap up your presentation with a conclusion.


A minimum of 4 references should be used to reinforce your thoughts. Be sure to include these both as in-text citations on your slides and on your reference slide.


Use the Notes section within PowerPoint to expand your thoughts.