Socialization and Social Structure Worksheet




Socialization and Social Structure Worksheet

Respond to the following in 50 to 75 words each, unless otherwise specified.

  1. In 25 to 50 words each, describe the following perspectives of development of the self:
    1. Cooley’s Looking Glass Self:
    2. Mead’s Role Taking:
    3. Piaget’s Development of Reasoning:
  2. What role does socialization take in personality, morality, emotions, and gender? How do different agents of socialization contribute?
  3. In 20 to 25 words each, describe how socialization occurs in each of the following developmental periods:
    1. Childhood (birth to age 12):
    2. Adolescence (ages 13-17):
    3. Transitional Adulthood (ages 18-29):
    4. The Middle Years (ages 30-65):
    5. The Older Years (ages 65 and above):
  4. Different societies have different social structures. What is social structure? What components contribute to the macrosociological perspective of social structure?