SOC-480 Research Proposal Assignment Solved




SOC-480 Research Proposal Assignment

Part IV: Literature Review Worksheet

In this section of the assignment, you use this worksheet to assist you in conducting research on the social issue you selected for this course. Look up scholarly articles from one of the databases in the GCU library about your selected social issue. You are looking for a gap in services provided and a project/program solution (your proposal) that will fill the gap.

Complete each section by answering the prompts. Turn in the worksheet for instructor feedback. Use the feedback to revise your research questions and hypothesis (that will help you gather appropriate and relevant research):

Part 1: Gathering Resources

Assignment Directions:

Use the  library to find the scholarly sources to use for the social issues you selected for your Research Proposal assignment. Use Tables 12.4 & 12.5 in the textbook to assist you. Fill out the requested information in the table below about your sources. Add more articles if you need to.