SOC-445 wk 5: The Case Management Process Assignment Criteria section 3




SOC-445: The Case Management Process

Assignment Criteria

As a social worker, it is imperative to know and apply the case management process. The purpose of this course is to prepare students to achieve these objectives. For this assignment, use the Case Management Process table of criteria below to complete the Case Management Process template located in assignments folder in LoudCloud:

First, select one client/consumer from the course videos or case studies listed below. All materials are located in Topic 1 folder in MindTap:

  • Michelle in “The First Interview” and “An Angry Consumer” videos.
  • Alison in “Developing a Service Plan” video.
  • Tom in “Helping Tom Solve a Personal Problem” video.
  • “Marta” Case Study
  • “Ruth” Case Study
  • “Dave” Case Study
  • “Florence” Case Study
  • Section 3: Planning and Linking (500-750 words)                                                            Due Topic 5Review Chapters 5-6 and 20 in the textbook. For this section, begin to develop the initial plan that includes the following:

    Consider possible interventions. Explain the systems affecting the client/consumer. Conduct the strengths perspective and explain how you would use this assessment to assist the client/consumer. Recall what you learned about linking the client/consumer to resources (Chapter 1 in the textbook) and recommended resources, while taking into consideration the stakeholders and interventions, and explain possible barriers to resources that may exist. Turn in Section 3 at the end of Topic 5 for instructor feedback.