Reflective Statement of Competence




for this assignmennt, please review the Standard and create your individual reflective competente  Rereewe Statement of Competence 
Statement a paragrach describing how your teaching prctises meet this Standard, Then prepare at least om paragraph on each below. 
The entire statement should be 300 and 500 words in length 
Con rent: 
how your teaching practices meet this Stand 
.NOte; If you are NOT currently in a Child Care program or directly working With Children. visualize and explain What you do and how thæ 
if you Were a or 
Reflect on the Weekly Nit_.m.tterff you dcwgned the men", tece 
it. what are its strengths amt,'or would change ' 
h 'dren nee's? 'f you seræd the menu (Xgn 
Reflect a '00m environment: does rocm the best? If the do 
as its strengths what would you 
d and ditfeæ 
o for Students Infant"Oddler agegroup: Reflect cn 
infants as toddlers 
Reflect on ttw plan you your this plan 
its what 
your Of what do on a the des.grved b' ao 
Additionally. for students focusing on Infant1Todd1er now would adapt ttüs week'y San for each of three age 
infants. rrM'bile