PSY 250: Freud’s Theory Matrix




Freud’s Theory Matrix


The main function of a scientific theory is to help us to describe and explain how the world works. To form a scientific theory, scientists start with a set of assumptions, then use logic and deductive reasoning to come up with hypotheses that they can test. Psychologists use scientific theories to attempt to explain human thought, emotion, and behavior. According to your textbook, Theories of Personality, there are six criteria of a useful scientific theory. A useful theory: generates research, is falsifiable, organizes data, guides action, is internally consistent, and is parsimonious (simple).

Complete the matrix below with the following information:

  • Define each of the six criteria of a useful scientific theory.
  • Evaluate how well each criterion applies to Freud’s psychoanalytic theory in approximately 90 words per criterion. Explain your answers. You may use bullet points, but do not use one-word responses.
  • Provide the page number from the textbook where you found the information for each response.

Note: Include appropriate APA references and citations if you use any resources other than the textbook to complete the matrix. Remember to include page numbers in your citations for any direct quotes. (Use the Reference and Citation Generator in the Center for Writing Excellence for assistance with APA style.)


Criteria Definition Application to Theory
Generates Research    
Organizes Data    
Guides Actions    
Internally Consistent    
Parsimonious (simple)