Parenting Styles Application




– Parenting Styles Application

For this assignment, apply what you have learned about parenting styles to a movie or show The suggested movie Keep in it

movie Parenthood, you can find an alternate family in a TV show or movie of your choosing

After watching the movie or TV Show, write a 2.3-page paper addressing the following:

  1. Include the movie,’-1V show and Inst tm characters. Identify the parents and the parenting Style(s) they exhibited_
  2. Demonstrate your knowledge of parenting styles from your course materials by specific examples Of the parenting styles you identified

3 Include if the styles changed or Stayed the same throughout the movie, TV

  1. Describe the relationships within each immediate family unit (include between both parents and parents and children)
  2. Describe how the parenting styles influenced children in the movie or TV show,
  3. Explain how a knowledge Of parenting styles connect With your work With children and families Include your plan to use this knowledge as a professional