My Philosophy Statement




Purpose of Assignment:
As an Earty Childhood provider, its helpul to identify and express your own Professional Philosophy Statement. This statement s a sumrn
about early childhood education
This assignment is Phase Two of your Course Protect:
Iii the 1st phase of the project. you brainstormed the many aspects of your bc’iefs about teaching and learni”g that you might include in a Pr
Now in this 2nd phase of the protect, you will write a rough draft of your Professional Philosophy Statement -- using your brainstorming se
Looking Ahead: The 3rd phase of the protect (Module 5) is to take the feedback from your instructor and make the necessary changes from r
Professional Philosophy Statement.
Your Professional Philosophy Statement MUST address the following:
. Your personal values and beliefs as they relate to teaching and learning
. How you believe young children learn and how this has an mpact on your role when providing a conducive learning environment
. What you believe ace other important aspects of your role in working with young chl&er’ and their families