Module 05 Written Assignment DAP Behavior Guidance Article Reflection Paper Solved




Developmentally appropriate (DAP) behavior guidance is an essential best practice to promote beneficial experiences and positive growth for young children Dr Dan Gartrell is a modern-day child-development theorist who has children ages 0-8, and has developed guidance methods Which support developmentally appropriate practices

Please research articles that discuss Dr. Gartrell’s theory and one to use as the base of your reflection paper

After reading the article. write a two-page reflection essay that includes the following

  • Summary of the article content
  • Statement of your agreement (or disagreement) With the theory and approaches presented in the article, and explain why you agree or disagree

Include two specific examples that occur in an early childhood setting that demonstrate these approaches

Include a conclusion paragraph in your reflection paper that wraps up what you have learned from this reflection. Be sure to include the APA citation for the article you have chosen on your paper’s Reference page. Through the SOE guide created just for our program, the School Education offers access to a wealth of early childhood education resources, including articles and videos, tutoring services, website links, and assistance from a librarian to support your writing growth.