Module 05 Assignment – Provide Sample of Your Weekly Plan Solved




Download this blank weekly plan template and use it to provide a sample of your weekly plan that includes goals for children’s learning and development, a brief description of planned learning experiences, and also accommodations for children with special needs (whether for children you currently serve or may serve in the future). Indicate the age group(s) for which the plan is intended.

  • Submit to the Drop Box:

In a Word document, a sample weekly plan, Monday through Friday, that includes: 1) Goals for children’s learning and development, 2)

Brief description of planned learning experiences, 3) accommodation for children with special needs.

  • Place a copy of the Sample Weekly Plan in your CDA binder.

Be sure the format and organization of your written reflection is clear and includes:

  • The title RC-I- Weekly Plan
  • Your name
  • Proper spelling and grammar

Note: After you receive feedback from your instructor and make the necessary changes from that feedback, place this Resource Collection/PortfoIio Assignment in your Online CDA Professional Portfolio. For more information on how to set up your Online

CDA Professional Portfolio go to Module 01 The CDA Credential in This Course.