Module 04 Course Project Establishing Goals and Strategies Solved




For your course project, you WII create a basic guidance plan for a child named Jana In each module you will be provided new information on Jana For this assignment, use your critical thinking skills and

knowledge learned ‘n this course to Identify short-term and long-term goals and developmentally appropriate strategies you can implement that would help support and guide Jana in learning new ways to manage

Download template.

You will use this template to complete the rest of the assignment

  1. what needs Jana might not be getting Why?
  2. Discuss which areas of PILES does Jana need support in? How would you know


1_ Identify two (2) long-term goals for Jana and why you chose them

  1. Identify two (2) short-term goals for meeting each long*erm goal you have chosen


  1. Describe three (3) developmentally appropriate strategies you can implement that would help Jana meet the long-term goals you have identified for her

Incorporate at least two (2) credible resources to support your answers

use professional language including complete sentences and proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation throughout your paper Be sure to Cite any research sources in APA format. you need assistance with APA

format, refer to this Library and Learning Services

Submit your completed assignment to the drop box below Please check the Course Calendar tor specific due dates

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document (Mac users, please remember to append the ” docx” extension to the filename) The name of the file should be your first •rut.lal and last name, followed by an

underscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and the date an example •s shown below

Jstudent_example problem _ 101504

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