Module 03 Course Projectr: Something New About Jana Solved




For your course project, you create a basic guidance Plan for a named Jana in each you be provided new Information on Jana assignment.
Step 1: Review Ole New Information on Jana
You recently learned three more, important pieces of information may have an Impact on your handling of Jana’s challenging behaviors:
• Jana’s mom is a single parent
• Jana’s mom oftentimes doesn’t speak kindly to Jana
• Jolena was Just diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome – 6 months ago
2: Conduct Research
Conduct academic research using the Rasmussen Library databases as well as webpages about the following topic Early Childhood Asperger’s
Step 3: Write a Reflection
In a minimum of 2-pages (not counting the title page and reference page) address the following:
• Does this new Information change your opinion about why Jana might be displaying the challenging behavior
• If so, what specifically has changed
• Would you adjust the developmental domains you identified last week to support Jana?
• If so. which domains would you choose or omit now that you know Jana’s sister has been diagnosed with Asperger’s?
• Explain, using details, why you would make these changes
• Incorporate ( 1) credible outside resource to your position
Use professional language including sentences and proper grammar. spelling, and punctuation throughout your paper Include a title Mid cate sources n AN format If need
assistance witl APA format, refer to ttus Lib’ary and Learmng Services