Module 02 Assignment – Script and Questionnaire for Tours





In this assignment, you will be developing a script for a tour that includes your dialogue as well as questions you would ask the family.
Select an age group for the tour (from below):

  • Young infants
  • Older infants
  • Young toddlers
  • Older toddlers

Part One – Script

  • Write a script about your program, addressing the following questions:
    • How is the program set up to support responsive caregiving practices?
    • How does responsive caregiving meet individual needs to support learning?
    • What is your role in implementing the approach?
    • Explain what the age range for your tour and staff to child ratio?
    • What additional information would you share to personalize the tour?

Part Two – Questions

  • Write five questions to ask parents about their child during the tour to collect information on the following:
    • Routine
    • Temperament
    • Child Preferences
    • Social and emotional needs and responses
    • Family Expectations
  • Explain how you would utilize these questions during the tour to collect information from families and connect information collected to how you implement a responsive approach.

Part Three – Record your Script

  • Record an audio or video file of your script to practice giving a tour.

For assistance in recording an audio file, please visit the Library and Learning Services guide.

Part Four – Submit

  • In one (1) Word document, submit the following::
    • Your script and five (5) written questions with explanations of how you would utilize them during the tour.
    • Your audio or video file of your tour.