MIN430 Week 2 Assignment Solved




Effective communication is an important foundation of ministry leadership and helps reduce the potential for misunderstanding and conflict in ministry. In this assignment, you will conduct an interview with a ministry leader who has extensive ministry experience in order to glean wisdom and insight on the importance of communication in ministry.


Select four questions from the “Questions Bank” document to use for your interview. If you would like to ask any questions that are not represented in the “Questions Bank,” ask your instructor for approval to use these questions. Ideally, send your questions to the ministry leader prior to the scheduled interview so that the interview can include more thoughtful interaction and be an efficient use of time.

Interview a ministry leader with 7-10 years of ministry experience. This leader should have significant ministry experience in the area of service that aligns with God’s call in your life. For example, if you sense a call to pastoral ministry, select a pastor for the interview, but if you sense a call to youth ministry, select a youth minister for the interview.

Summary of Interview

After the interview is conducted, write a 750-1,000-word summary of the interview. It is not necessary to include a transcript of the interview; however, there should be clear interaction with the thoughts shared during the interview in relation to the questions that were used for the interview. The summary should follow this format:

The opening paragraph of the summary should identify the ministry leader interviewed along with a brief description of their ministry experience and why they were specifically selected for the interview.
Four paragraphs should follow in the summary. Each paragraph should mention the question which was asked and summary of the ministry leader’s response. There should also be a critical reflection on the response. You should mention what you learned from the response and also how you agree/disagree with the response or aspects of it.
The closing paragraph should summarize the overall paper and include some of the key points about effective ministerial communication you learned from the assignment.