MIN430 Week 1 Assignment- Biblical Understanding of Communication for Ministry Solved




In light of the course readings and your personal research, write a 500–750-word essay that explains the power of communication within different areas of ministry and the specific role of preaching/teaching in ministerial communication.

After a brief, separate introductory paragraph which includes a clear thesis statement, the body of the essay should clearly and directly address the following prompts:

  • How does the power of communication impact different areas of ministry? (At least two specific areas of ministry other than the preaching/teaching aspects of ministry should be mentioned in this section of the paper. For example, how does the power of ministry impact the casting of vision in a church, the youth ministry of a church, the leading of a staff in a church, etc.?)
  • How does the power of communication impact the preaching/teaching ministry of a church? (In this section of the paper, there should be a robust interaction with both the Old and New Testaments to show how God has worked through preaching in various ways to fulfill his plans and purposes in lives of his people and the world. In relationship to the New Testament, there should be a clear interaction with the Pastoral Epistles [1 and 2 Timothy and Titus] to show importance of the faithful preaching and teaching of Scripture in the life of the church.)

The paper should close with a separate concluding paragraph that summarizes the overall thoughts of the paper as well as reaffirms its thesis statement.