MGT 434 Week 1 At-Will Employment- Employment Law for Business, Ch. 2




With the at-will employment, there is no contract between the company and the employee. The company can terminate the employee at any time. Also the employee is free to leave at any time as well, for any reason. This has gotten to be a challenging situation for some employees in some cases. If an employee come to work and the manager did not like the color of their hair, the employer could fire them. Although the employee is not being discriminated against, or it is not proven, it’s not right. The employer may have to show” just cause” for terminating that employee. Employees are challenging their employers in court because of situations like this. The employee may decide to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against the employer. The at-will employment law varies from state to state. Does anyone work for a state that has at-will employment? One company I worked at, it was written in their handbook.