Investigations and evidence handing Solved




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Investigations and evidence handing

  • Freedom Insurance Company, a national life, health, and auto insurance company, is headquartered in Boston and has independent agents working out of remote offices all over the country. Recently, Freedom received a phone tip on their anonymous compliance reporting line indicating that the vice president of operations is engaged in an ugly custody battle with his former spouse, including the use of corporate e-mail to threaten and harass her and her family. The bitter divorce and custody battle is a well-known situation within the company, as the VP has been known to engage a number of employees in conversation about the situation. The president of Freedom has met with the board of directors, and together they have agreed to hire you to investigate the charges and to report back to them on whether this VP has engaged in any corporate policy violations or has put Freedom at risk of civil litigation. Preliminary exploration of the facts revealed that this VP is engaged in the manufacturing and sale of methamphetamine and is using corporate communications systems and technology to engage in these activities.
  •  Write a 2â3 page paper that covers the following:
  • Analyze how the type of legal dispute (for example, civil, criminal, or private) affects the evidence used to resolve it.
  • Analyze appropriate evidence handling for a cybersecurity-related investigation involving a violation of corporate security policy and a criminal investigation.
  • Explore the roles that federal, state, local, and private sector organizations and agencies are best suited to participate in this investigation