INT460 Week 1 Assignment-Cultural Engagement #1 Solved




This assignment is an exercise in reading contemporary culture theologically. The purpose is to heighten awareness of the nature of the culture in which the student is located with an eye to engaging in effective mission to the people of the culture. To accomplish this, a cultural text will be respectfully described, examined, and evaluated. The assigned readings in Everyday Theology provide background and examples for this assignment.

Select a cultural text (e.g., a commercial, a TV show, a movie).

In at least 600 words, at least 150 words per criterion, complete the “Cultural Engagement #1” document. Criteria include:

  1. Describing the cultural text and explaining the larger cultural context in which the text is located
  2. Identifying the claims, meaning, and/or purpose of the cultural text
  3. Analyzing the influence of the text for people in contemporary culture
  4. Developing a Christian response to the text that expresses the contextualization of the gospel

Use at least two scholarly sources in addition to the Bible.