INT460 Topic 8 Assignment – Becoming a Missional Church Solved




The goal of this assignment is to equip you to help your local church move toward a more missional model of ministry. Though many churches have made strides towards becoming missional, most churches have a long way to go, and almost all can improve.

Create at least 25-slide presentation for your local church to move towards a more missional orientation. Ideally, this presentation would be given in a conference setting over a few days, but for this assignment, it will be one deliverable. Through this presentation, you will cast a vision and signal a path for your local church to take towards becoming more missional. The presentation should be motivational in describing the vision, effective in communicating the content, and compelling in making an argument for the plan. The presentation should include but not be limited to the following sections:

The vision of the church:

How would you inspire and motivate the church regarding its value, strategic significance, and role or place in God’s purposes for humanity?
How does it relate to the kingdom of God, the mission of the church, the Great Commission, and Commandment?
An explanation of the missional church:

Address key questions asked by the missional church (review the Topic 6 lecture) in light of the following key issues: the difference between attractional and incarnational, moving from sending to being sent, and making disciples on a mission rather than ministers in the congregation.
Address key issues regarding Christendom, post-Christendom, and post-Christian. Identify the questions that a missional church would ask in regard to these issues.
Define what success means for the church.
A description of your local church as it is:

Ask “What are we doing well?” “What could we do better?” “What do we measure?” “Who are we reaching?” and “What are we missing?”
Consider listing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
Consider the historical context and the makeup of your church.
Compare and contrast your church to the missional church.
A strategy and plan to move your local church toward becoming more missional in three areas:

This section is the goal of your presentation.
One of the areas may be based upon what you developed in the Topic 7 assignment.
In addition, create a title slide, summary slide outlining the content of the presentation, reference slides, and slide notes that provide a detailed explanation