INT460 Topic 7 Assignment- Church Engagement within an Urban Environment Solved




The urban context is generally very diverse with many cultural and ethnic groups that need to be engaged with the gospel. This assignment is designed to raise your awareness of the diverse groups that may surround you and help you to consider how to reach them with the gospel.

Part One

Research your own or a nearby urban context and study the demographics of that urban context with the goal of developing a missional response.

Complete the “Urban Environment and Church Engagement” document that includes the following for the diverse urban context:

  1. Identification of at least five cultural (i.e., skaters) or ethnic (i.e., Hispanic) groups
  2. Identification of cultural identifiers for each group (i.e., age, gender, religion, language, values)
  3. Analysis of the cultural distance between each group and your local church
  4. Evaluation of the extent to which each group is being reached with the gospel

Part Two

  1. Select one group from your research.
  2. In at least 500 words, develop a strategy or plan for your local church to engage that group with the gospel.