INT310 Topic5 Assignment-Benchmark – Theology of Mission Solved




This assignment presupposes that theology of mission is integral to theology as a whole and that Scripture, as God’s revelation, is at the foundation of developing a sound and biblically faithful theology of mission. The topic study materials include language that will help you successfully complete this assignment.

In 1,500-2,000 words, establish a personal theology of mission based on key biblical passages and include the following:

  1. Introduction that explains the importance of Scripture as the basis for a faithful theology, the importance of contextualization, and the identification of a guiding theme and mission motifs to structure your ministry.
  2. Analysis of the particular Scriptures submitted in the Topic 3 “Missiological Passages” assignment that form the basis of your theology of mission.
  3. Identification of the guiding theme and its connection to your theology of mission.
  4. Identification of four to five mission motifs and explanation of how they complement the guiding theme you identified as central to your theology of mission.
  5. Explanation of how you will use your theology of mission to contextualize the gospel within culturally diverse situations. This is in lieu of a conclusion.

Use feedback from biblical and historical assignments, as well as three to four scholarly resources including references from past studies on the doctrines of revelation, humanity, salvation, and the church, among others.