INT310 Topic4 Assignment-Key Milestones in Christian Missions Solved




The information from this assignment should inform your personal theology of mission.

Create an infographic or another type of visual representation that identifies a key milestone or paradigm shift in the history of Christian missions. The representation should be in essence a mini-poster capturing all the components needed to introduce this milestone. Be creative—font does not need to be Times New Roman 12 pt. The following elements must be included:

  • Key persons and institutions in the development of this milestone or paradigm shift and what impact this event had over time.
  • Timeframe with historical context of what was happening just before, during, and after the event, as it pertains to missions.
  • Map(s) of geographic location(s) of event. These will help the observer understand where the event happened, and, if appropriate, where the missionaries came from and an indication if the name of a place has changed since the event.
  • Additional images or illustrations. These must enhance the understanding of the content.

Use three to four topic study materials, reputable biographies, or other academic resources. Parenthetical citations are expected on the poster, and a box containing references is to be included on the front face of the infographic.

After creating the infographic, save it as a PDF and submit it in the learning  management system.