HUMA215 -Principles of policing Solved




Principles of policing help guide an agency in its mission. In many ways, we often think of these principles as the blueprints for how the agency ought to interact with the community. Your agency is working to draft a series of principles that will help guide its community-focused efforts.

Prepare a handout that will be used as a resource for the selection of community focused efforts.

  1. Review each of the following principles:
    • Germann’s Principles
    • Folley’s Principles
    • More’s Principles
    • Mayhall’s Principles
  2. Pick and choose from any of the lists of principles at least 5 principles that you believe represent community-focused values.
  3. Explain how each contributes to resilient, safer communities.
The paper should be at a minimum of 2 pages (700 words) in length, not including the title and reference pages, and have no less than two (2) resources.