HCS 451 Week 3 Discussion- McLaughlin and Kaluzny’s Continuous Quality Improvement in Ch. 9




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The initial quote in this week’s reading states that “Medicine used to be simple, ineffective, and relatively safe. Now it is complex, effective, and dangerous.” –Sir Cyril Chantler.  Do you agree with this statement?  I know that when I had my daughter 30 years ago, she was delivered by a physician that had provided care for me and my family since I was a very young child.  This physician knew that I had suffered from appendicitis a couple of times in the past. As a result, when he delivered my daughter via C-section, he also removed my appendix at no additional charge!  Do you think that this would happen today?  I trusted this doctor and felt that he was the smartest and most caring physician I have ever known.  I felt a true loss when he retired.  I have never had such a relationship with another physician in my life.  When my father got sick (he was paralyzed), this doctor would visit him at home.  You don’t see this kind of treatment today.  While medicine may not have been as effective in the past, I believe it was a more personal service.  Do you agree?