Family Resource Guide RC IV Solved




A Family Resource Guide that you might choose to share with the families you serve. The guide should include all of the helpful information you think they might need. At a minimum, you must include the following requirements:

o  RC IV – 1:
The name and contact information of a local agency that provides family counseling.

o  RC IV – 2:
The name and contact information of a translation service for families whose home language is other than English as well as a service that provides American Sign Language translation.

o  RC IV – 3:
The name and contact info and brief descriptions of at least two agencies in the community that provide resources and services for children with disabilities.

o  RC IV – 4:
A list of three or more websites and brief descriptions of each that provide current information to help families understand how young children develop and learn.  Include one current article from each website. (websites must contain articles that help families understand the development and learning of infants and toddlers OR preschoolers depending on which CDA you are working toward.  At least one article must relate to child guidance.