ENG 106 WK 3-Definition Argument Essay Assignment Final draft Solved




Write a 1,500-1,750-word essay using five to seven academic resources in which you argue
that a contested “case” involving the sale, trade, or donation of human organs fits (or does not
fit) within a given category. A case may include a specific news article, story, or incident
illustrating a dilemma or controversy relating to the exchange of human organs. The case does
not need to be a court case.
Follow these steps when composing your essay:
1. Start by selecting a controversial case found in the media involving the sale, trade, or
donation of human organs. For example, an appropriate case might include a story in the
news about an organ broker, and the term to define might be “criminal.”
2. Decide what category you think your case belongs in, with the understanding that others
may disagree with you about the definition of your category, and/or whether your chosen
case matches your category.
3. In the opening of your essay, introduce the case you will examine and pose your
definition question. Do not simply summarize here. Instead, introduce the issue and offer
4. To support your argument, define the boundaries of your category (criteria) by using a
commonly used definition or by developing your own extended definition. Defining your
boundaries simply means naming the criteria by which you will discuss your chosen case
involving the sale, trade, or donation of human organs. If you determine, for example,
that an organ broker is a criminal, what criteria constitute this? A criminal may
intentionally harm others, which could be one of your criteria.
5. In the second part of your argument (the match), show how your case meets (or does not
meet) your definition criteria. Perhaps by comparing or sizing up your controversial case
to other cases can help you to develop your argument.
This essay is NOT simply a persuasive essay on the sale, trade, or donation of human organs. It
is an argumentative essay where the writer explains what a term means and uses a specific case
to explore the meaning of that term in depth.