EEC1972 Module 06 Exploration Assignment – Goal Setting Solved




You will now be reflecting on all of the best practices you have learned about throughout your explorations course. How you will plan to grow overall as an early childhood professional in your work with children and families?

Key Area of Practice for Module 06: Goal Setting

Reflect on what you have learned throughout this course and concentrate on goal setting as an early childhood professional.

Watch the following video:

Next, answer the following questions. In your written responses, be sure to use complete sentences as well as proper punctuation and grammar.

  1. Reflect on this module’s key area of practice. Share specific examples of what this looked like in the video.

    What steps did these children take in reaching their goal? How could you determine appropriate steps in your own goal setting as an educator?

  2. Share an example of how you plan to use this key area of practice in your work with young children and families.

    Identify one goal that you want to accomplish next as you grow as an early childhood educator. What do you need to reach that goal?

  3. Briefly share one “a-ha” moment or a key take-away from the video.

Download the template containing these questions below. Be sure to rename the downloaded template with the current module number so you don’t overwrite an assignment from previous modules.

Exploration Assignment Template

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. (Mac users, please remember to append the “.docx” extension to the filename.) The name of the file should be your first initial and last name, followed by an underscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and the date. An example is shown below: