EEC1972 Module 05 – The Intentional Teacher Reflection Solved




  1. Read this article and select one best practice, from the article, to focus your reflection.
  2. Write a 2 page reflection essay. Describe in detail how you would enhance the use of that best practice in an early childhood setting. Be specific and include the following:
    • Identification of the best practice and describing why it is important to promoting quality early childhood teaching practice
    • Describe why it is important to uphold ethical and early learning standards when it comes being an intentional teacher
    • Describe the set-up and/or materials necessary to implement this in the environment
    • Share examples of activities that would demonstrate this best practice and how it can encourage continuous learning for all children
    • Describe how being intentional with curriculum planning can advocate for all children’s development and learning.
  3. Use APA formatting and proofread to ensure standard mechanics in spelling, punctuation, and grammar usage, including the article reference as an APA citation.