EEC1971 module1-written Assignment Solved




Directions: Locate and review your state’s licensing regulations and early learning standards. If needed, review the video shared in this module for guidance on where to locate this information. Answer each question using complete sentences:

  1. What is the governing agency which oversees licensing regulations for early childhood programs in your state?
  2. Please copy and paste the link to your state’s licensing regulations for childcare programs in your state.
  3. What are the educational requirements in your state to be a teacher in a licensed early learning program?
  4. What is the child to teacher ratio for an infant room in a licensed center-based program? The child to teacher ratio for infant is four infants to one teacher.
  5. What are the qualifications in your state to be a family childcare owner?
  6. In which state do you reside? Does your state have early learning standards for children birth to five years old? (HINT: early learning standards are different than licensing regulations).
  7. Please copy and paste the link to your state’s early learning standards. If your state does not currently provide early learning standards, please indicate this in the answer box.
  8. Share an example of why licensing and/or competencies will be important to your work with young children.
  9. Aimee is a 4-year-old child in your program. She was recently prescribed medication by a doctor and she will need to be given the medicine while in your care. First, list your state’s guideline on administering medicine to children. Then, describe a plan for how you will implement this policy in your program including:
  10. Who will give the child the medicine?
  11. What procedure will this individual follow?
  12. Where will the medicine be stored?
  13. At this time, each state creates its own set of licensing standards and early learning competencies. Do you think there should be one set of standards for all early learning programs nation-wide? Why or why not?