EEC1971 Module 4-Behavior guidance Policy Solved




Most, if not all, early learning programs develop a behavior guidance policy. The purpose of the policy is to outline how educators will guide children’s behavior as well as to communicate this plan to parents. To complete this assignment, you will create your own behavior guidance policy.

Include the following in your behavior guidance policy:

    • Two examples of behavior guidance strategies that you will use in your program. For each example, provide an explanation of how the strategy is to be implemented and how it supports child development. Cite your textbook or one outside resource to support your ideas.


    • One example of a discipline technique that will not be used in your program. Provide an explanation of the technique, your reasoning for not utilizing it in your program, and how it hinders child development. Cite your text book or one outside resource to support your ideas.


  • Include a reference page formatted to APA standards.