EEC1971 Module 05 Course Project – Lesson Plan Part 4 Solved




Effective teachers plan to support families and extend learning! In this assignment, you will research resources for supporting families and complete the following sections of your Comprehensive Lesson Plan:

  • Home Extension Activity
  • Community Extension Activity
  • Family Support Plan

First,take time to research family engagement and support strategies.

Research Tips:

  • When completing research, be sure that you locate reputable sites. State and national organizations as well as the School of Education Guide are great places to start. Wiki and are not acceptable because they can be manipulated by anyone and this reduces the credibility of the sites.
  • As you research, consider how you will use the resource in your daily practice as an early educator.

Using the information gained from your research, you will create a family support plan including the following:

    1. Think about how you will make families feel welcome into your program and share the “feel” of your program. In what ways will you prepare the learning environment to support and welcome all families? Include at least three specific environmental design strategies you will use to include families in your program, as well as how each strategy will support family engagement. (Example: family pictures displayed throughout the program celebrates diversity, welcomes families, and creates a community atmosphere.)
    2. Reflect on specific strategies for working with individual families. How will you work to build a relationship with families? Include at least three strategies for supporting individual families. You will want to think in terms of really creating a relationship built on trust. For example, if you identify a family conference as a strategy, you will also need to describe what you will do in the conference to make it a safe place for families to share personal information with you. How will you set up the environment? What will you have done prior to the conference so that the family knows they can trust you? What will happen during the conference?