EEC 1971 Module 4- Lesson Plan Part 3 Solved




Effective teachers plan ahead! In this module, you will complete the following sections of your Comprehensive Lesson Plan:

  • Learner Accommodations
  • Accommodations for Multiple Age Groups
  • Learner Accommodation Resource Analysis
  • Lesson Assessment

First, take time to research learner accommodation resources/strategies.

Research Tips:

  • When completing research, be sure that you locate reputable sites. State and national organizations as well as the School of Education Guide are great places to start. Wiki and are not acceptable because they can be manipulated by anyone and this reduces the credibility of the sites.
  • As you research, consider how you will use the resource in your daily practice as an early educator.

Nextchoose one resource from your research to use in comprehensive lesson plan. You will provide the link to the resource and identify how the resource or strategy assisted you in your lesson planning for diverse learners.

Then, complete the lesson plan components listed above and SAVE using the new file name for this assignment.