EC252 Module03 Course Project – Accommodating the Disability Solved




In this module, you will focus on accommodations for the child with your selected disability. What changes can you make to the environment, the curriculum, or how you present your activities?

To complete this assignment, do the following:

    1. Create 3-4 additional slides for your presentation. Add these slides to the PowerPoint document you created in the previous course project assignment. In these additional slides, explain specific ways to accommodate the disability you are studying. Include areas such as the following:
      • Curriculum
      • Room arrangement
      • Daily schedule
      • Access throughout the building

      In addition to bullet points that convey the highlights of your presentation, you may use graphics, pictures, charts, or tables as necessary to support and enhance the talking points on your slides.

    1. In the Notes section of each slide, and in at least 350 words, expand on your talking points by providing more detail to support each point.

      These notes would serve as your script if you were actually presenting your presentation to an audience, so write them using an appropriate tone to address your target audience: your co-workers.

  1. Cite your sources where appropriate throughout your slides and add your references to the reference slide at the end of your presentation. Format your research sources and your reference slide in APA format.