EC241 Module 2- Influences on Literacy and Language: Professional Focus Newsletter Solved




It is important to share information with families in your program, but it is also important to share and collaborate with other professionals in your field. For this component of your course project, you will create a newsletter that shares both knowledge and ideas with fellow educators or program staff.

To complete this assignment, following the steps below.

Step 1: Choose two (2) cultural or linguistic influences/considerations that impact a child’s language and literacy acquisition in an early childhood environment and use that as the main focus of your newsletter.

Step 2: Use the Professional Focus Newsletter Template or create your own using Microsoft Word or Publisher.

Step 3: Include the following elements in your professional focus newsletter:

  • Main Feature. Create the main feature of the article noting two (2) cultural or linguistic considerations/influences on children’s language and literacy acquisition in early childhood settings. Some examples of considerations are Home Language Use and Code-Switching.
    • Briefly introduce and explain these considerations/influences to your fellow educator and/or co-worker.
    • Use at least one (1) credible source, such as NAEYC, or another outside source to support your topics. Your sources can include books, journal articles, or appropriate websites.
  • Implications for Teaching. Describe how the considerations/influences discussed in the Main Feature influence how you design curriculum and implement learning activities.
  • Practical Activities for English Language Learners. Share two (2) examples of meaningful activities for English Language Learners and their families.
  • Shared Experience. Share an experience relating to this topic. The experience can be personal or the experience of someone you know.
  • Resources. Provide at least two (2) helpful resources you can recommend to fellow educators and/or co-workers on the topics discussed in the Main Feature