EC200 Module 03 Written Assignment – Assessment Chart Handout Solved




Often educators can be overwhelmed with the types of assessment available and which methods should be used in certain circumstances. As the director of your program, you are going to create a comparison chart to help both educators and families understand which instruments will be used when in your program.

In this assignment, you will be creating a comparison chart of ASQ, OUNCE Scale, and Brigance Inventory to be used as a visual aid (handout) for both educators and families to reference.


Part One: Research

Part Two: Comparison Chart

Create a comparison chart that describes for each method:

  • Who is the assessment used on/for?
  • What does it measure?
    • What information does it provide?
  • Where does the assessment generally take place?
  • When is the assessment used?
    • Discuss connection to DAP
  • Why would it need to be used?
    • Discuss connection to DAP
  • How is the assessment implemented?
    • Discuss connection to DAP
  • Meets the following general requirements:
    • Create using Smart Art, Table, or other methods to make the chart visually appealing, yet readable.
    • Follows the conventions of appropriate grammar, spelling, and writing.
    • Provide citations/references from at least 3 credible sources in APA format in chart.