Discussion- Effects of Social media on teens Solved




For this week’s discussion, complete the following:

  1. Choose 1 of the issues in the list below, or you can select any topic you like. If you choose your own topic, make sure the topic is appropriate for an argumentative essay and related to an issue that will hold your interest when you return to the essay in the coming weeks. A good source for this would be current events. Please e-mail your instructor for approval first, and remember academic research methods still apply.
  2. Read 1 article on your topic from the list provided in the Topic Bibliography.
  3. Express your opinion about the issue in 1 sentence.
  4. Use the article you selected to write a paragraph to support your opinion, and be sure to cite it in your response.

Issues to Choose From

  • Is TV a leftover media source from the past that will soon be outdated, or is TV keeping up with the times and attracting new viewers?
  • How is social media affecting young adults, parents, or teens for better or worse?
  • Should high school students be required to take a civics course as a graduation requirement?
  • Should journalists try to be objective to regain the public’s confidence?
  • Do charter schools hurt traditional public schools?
  • Are drug courts the solution to addressing nonviolent drug offenders?
  • Should forensic techniques require federal approval for use in court?
  • Should the U.S. government provide universal health care?
  • Do video games portray positive or negative gender stereotypes