Discussion- Classical and Operant Conditioning Solved




Everyone has seen them-children misbehaving in a public place while the parents sit idly by, playing on their phone or just simply ignoring the behavior. In this week’s lessons, you learned about classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and modeling and the difference between discipline and punishment.

  1. First view this video of a child who is being ignored and is exhibiting inappropriate behavior in a public place.
  2. Review this brief article summarizing classical and operant conditioning principles.
  3. Then, based on this exercise, address the following points in your discussion with your peers:
    • Discuss a plan that you would create to modify the child’s behavior using one of the theories from this week’s topics: classical or operant conditioning.
    • Explain why the techniques you selected (for example, positive or negative reinforcement, positive or negative punishment, or some specified combination of these) would work best in this situation.